LiveStream 4:30pm est WED NFL Wk 22

Walter, Mike and Kim set all fantasy dream teams aside for the biggest show down in Football history where in less than two weeks  the  49ers and  Chiefs will fight to the end to see who walks away with the Super Bowl Trophy... of course they are going to have to take it from Kim First.... dial in and share your picks and why. 

Join Us on LIVESTREAM 11:00 am est MLK Day Special with NFL

At Florida Memorial University Inspiring Financial, Physical and Mental fitness in a fun game of Chess with  the World's Coolest Chess Master, Elliott Neff, and the NFL Sisters In Service with their husbands and families joined with community sponsors, Trayvon Martin Memorial Foundation, UNIFYIT and many of my amazing friends and locals in Miami  IBM.TV  to Inspire Brighter Futures for our children in a fun game of chess. wk 20 LiveStream 4:30 pm est Wed.

NFL Talk show with weekly Fantasy Picks.  Walter is the analytic brains, while Kimberly still lives in fantasy land after winning 5 games in a row and Mike is making decisions for next years picks all live. JOIN US AND SHARE OUR PICK

IBM.TV Original "Lifers Madness " Jeff Ichan True Story

Story about a man who is trying to free people who have been imprisoned  for life in the US for Marijuana charges. A substance that is legal to use today. They don't keep rapist and murders in for this long.  Is it fair? NFL Week 19 4:30 Wed. LIVE

Walter picks the line up for the million dollar draftkings game.  Kim is stll living in fantasy land since holding the Super Bowl Trophy and Mike  has a bone to Pick with how we pick our fantasy teams all fun here on 

FF and AI

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Susan Polgar-World Chess Champion

Check out this great video with former World Chess Champion

The Health Channel with Ankit!

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John Fanning founding CEO of NAPSTER v. Nick Paleveda IBM.TV

Wait for it-at the end!

The CEO of IBM-Ginni Rometty-Inspiration!

Check out this great video-Inspirational speech at NC State

IBM.TV's - Kimberly Calhoun 2018 Commencement N.C. State-Ins

Kim Calhoun Founder/CEO of PODTV gives inspirational talk at N.C. State 2018 Commencement

Jim Martin with the Allnighters from Nashville

Jim Matin from NASHVILLE!


The ONLY interview with founding CEO of NAPSTER and original UBER Investor -John Fanning

John Sculley former CEO of APPLE

Check out this video with the former CEO of APPLE

National and International TV

Nick Paleveda, Executive Producer

Nick Paleveda MBA J.D. LL.M Executive Producer, founder IBM-TV

Nick Paleveda MBA J.D. LL.M is the Executive Producer and founder of IBM.TV Mr. Paleveda is a CEO of National Pension Partners, Director of the Academy of Wealth Management,  3X Florida State Chess Champion,  Adjunct Professor at Northeastern University, and an Adjunct Professor at Campbell University Law School.


IBM.TV with Founder of NAPSTER and founder of Pegasystems

POD TV allows viewers to participate real time with the host of the television show from all over the world. It is simple, the viewer registers for the show and the podcaster can call on the viewer to ask questions via a chat or on the air!

Go to Watch now and click on PODTV!

Kim Calhoun, Executive Producer

IBM.TV at Campbell University Law School

Kim Calhoun was the keynote speaker for the College of Engineering at North Carolina  State University. She is the CEO of CAP Science Labs and has raised over $134 million in a single meeting. She is the founder of and co-host of Kim sits on the Board of Advisors of North Carolina State University and University of Southern Mississippi.

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