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Professional Open Dialogue TV where viewers can dial in and participate.  


Check out this great video-exclusive interview with founding CEO of NAPSTER

IBM v Rare Disease-visit the Health Channel on IBM.TV

Check out this great video-how WATSON helps-

Leading edge Solar Powered House-on the Water!

Arkup-the  Solar Powered House-on the water!

The CEO of IBM-Ginni Rometty-Inspiration!

Check out this great video-Inspirational speech at NC State

IBM.TV's - Kimberly Calhoun 2018 Commencement N.C. State-Ins

Kim Calhoun Founder/CEO of PODTV gives inspirational talk at N.C. State 2018 Commencement

How to partner with NASA-who will Share Intellectual Propert

Mike Lester talks about NASA Technical Transfer Program

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IBM.TV is TECH TV.  The mission of IBM.TV is to support startups and entrepreneurs around the world. We use media to bring their products to an international audience.  IBM.TV has a potential reach of 4.3 billion people*. Content is  available on the internet for your computer or smartphone or even your television-at no charge! 

 View the latest tech product videos on your smartphone while you travel in India, Nepal, Australia, Costa Rica, Canada, Pakistan, Africa .   

Visit unique channels -Monocle Films, Chess, Travel, Art, Tech Talk 

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Our Award-Winning Team-at Research Triangle Park-Raleigh NC

IBM.TV along with a/k/a moneymasterspbs (a not for profit company in North Carolina) brings positive engaging television-"Clean and Evergreen" unique programs from around the world,

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International Board of Advisors

Chair: Nicholas Paleveda

USA-Kim Calhoun

  Pakistan-Kanwal Massor

India-Mahesha Prabhu

Costa Rica-Will Stewart

Australia-Willie Hill

Nepal-Shambhu Pokharel

Spain -Marcus Torstedt



Africa-Emmanuel Acha

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National and International TV

Nick Paleveda, Executive Producer

Nick Paleveda MBA J.D. LL.M Executive Producer, founder IBM-TV

Nick Paleveda MBA J.D. LL.M is the Executive Producer and founder of IBM.TV Mr. Paleveda is a CEO of National Pension Partners, Director of the Academy of Wealth Management,  3X Florida State Chess Champion,  Adjunct Professor at Northeastern University, and an Adjunct Professor at Campbell University Law School.



POD TV allows viewers to participate real time with the host of the television show from all over the world. It is simple, the viewer registers for the show and the podcaster can call on the viewer to ask questions via a chat or on the air!

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Kim Calhoun, Executive Producer


Kim Calhoun was the keynote speaker for the College of Engineering at North Carolina  State University. She is the CEO of CAP Science Labs and has raised over $134 million in a single meeting. She is the founder of and co-host of Kim sits on the Board of Advisors of North Carolina State University and University of Southern Mississippi.

GrandMaster Chess player-Coach you in Chess

Ron Henley Grandmaster Chess Player-former World Open Chess Champion coaches chess!

John Fanning founding CEO of NAPSTER v. Nick Paleveda IBM.TV

Wait for it-at the end!

Interview with CEO of Pegasystems startup to a multi-Billion

Interview with Alan Trefler CEO of Pegasystems from startup to Billion dollar company-plus Alan Trefler wins World Open chess championship!

The President of Emerson a Fortune 500 company

Mike Train-President of Emerson-a Fortune 500 Company.


John Sculley former CEO of APPLE

Check out this video with the former CEO of APPLE

The Federal Reserve -VP's in the Museum

Check out this video-The Honorable David M. Walker with Dr. Anna Paulson, VP of Federal Resrve and Doug Tillet, VP of the Federal Reserve all in the Chicago Federal Reserve Museum.  Listen as Dr. Paulson shares with us how they use data to give us a crystal ball view of our economy. 

Fin-Tech startup to a 20 billion dollar company-how to do it

Check out this video-founder of Yapstone -Tom Villante and, David Weiss the President, tell us what it takes to create a 20 billion dollar company from scratch.

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