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January 25- February 2 we will be filming live in Miami at the Super Bowl LIV VIP Events. and StartUp Pitch Tanks with Pro Athlete Investors.  

Starting January 12, 2020  - Nick and Kimberly of MoneyMastersPBS TV and StartUpMasters TV  will be hosting PODTV Interviews.   We will link to your website.  You are the star and the audience is the shark tank.  Imagine having thousands or millions of people who can invest  or buy from you  rather than only 4 people

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Access to  good internet connection and access to ZOOM or GotoMeeting.  Good video camera and computer that connects to these platforms.  Having good lighting and a good mic headset makes a big difference.  Big smile and your story ready to tell.   Pitch deck and photos to share are always appreciated.  No Profanity or Porn and all content must be PG-13 rated.  


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Book "StartUpMasters 101


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Entrepreneurs and Investors Guide to Success.

This book is  not just about being successful in business it is about being successful in Life. 

Read the book and discover for yourself why someone actually purchased 100 after reading it to hand out to his board members and  colleagues

Want to be a startup? NEED MONEY?  

What would you be willing to  pay for billions of dollars of advise or mentorship to success?  Is it worth $25.00 and time spent to read?  


Education is valuable and worth what you pay for,  Experience is valuable and expensive,  however, education from other people's experiences is priceless and in this book.  

  • What would you ask a Millionaire or Billionaire if you had that chance?    Kimberly has had that opportunity and she shares it with you.

This book has about $10B dollars worth of valuable conversations from over 30 millionaires and billionaires.  Kimberly has raised over $134 M in one round.  But this book is not just about her experience it is the inspirational stories of all the other people she has interviewed on MoneyMastersTV.  

 This is a one of a Kind uncensored and unedited,  the blood and guts and  true stories, to success book.  It is also a  Quick Guide of the Basics Elements of what it takes to become a successful in anything not just business.  This book was so inspiring that someone purchased 100 copies to share with their colleagues.  Knowledge is valuable and other people's knowledge is priceless and Kimberly knows this and she  shares not just her stories and secrets to success but she shares the stories of all the others who she  interviewed on  the Nationally Broadcasted TV show MoneyMasters now aired on IBM.TV.  Being a startup is not easy, it is not free and it is not an overnight success.  Over Night success stories are just media hype of the cover story of that business it is not the hard journey and full story of what it took to get there.  Kimberly has interviewed the world's leading CEO's, Money Experts and Book Authors to uncover their stories to success and their stories are in this book or you can watch them on IBM.TV for free.