Perfectly Legal

Check out this great video-NY Times Bestseller-David Cay Johnston


"A List Corporate Celebrities" Exclusive Interviews

Millionaires and Billionaires, The World Leading CEO's, Book Authors and Money Experts all share their stories of  success and  great tips in "Edutaining" styles with Host  Nick Paleveda and Kimberly Calhoun.   Scroll down and watch these stories for free.   Who is our favorite?  Watch them all and share with us your favorite.

Nick Paleveda

Extremely intelligent and highly educated in law and accounting, Nick started his own companies,  two TV shows and is now operating his own TV networks.  Though he would make the perfect "A List Corporate Celebrity" to interview he is more fun to watch interviewing them.

Kimberly Calhoun

Successful Engineer,Inventor of high tech solutions, Serial Entrepreneur who raised over $134M in one round, book author and key not speaker, Kimberly eagerly joined Nick as a co host of two TV shows to share the wealth of knowledge inspiring financial literacy and how to become a successful startup.

Slava Rubin founder of Indegogo

Check out this great video-exclusive interview with crowdfunding giant Indegogo founder Slava Rubin. 

Alan Trefler CEO of Pegasystems

Check out this great video-Alan Trefler former World Open Chess Champion and CEO of Pegasystems!

John Sculley former CEO of APPLE

Check out this great video

The Federal Reserve -VP's in the Museum

Check out this great video-The Honorable David M. Walker with Dr. Anna Paulson, VP of Federal Resrve and Doug Tillet, VP of the Federal Reserve all in the Chicago Federal Reserve Museum.  Listen as Dr. Paulson shares with us how they use data to give us a crystal ball view of our economy. 

FIn-TECH founder of 15 billion dollar company

Check out this great video-founder of Yapstone -Tom Villante and David Weiss the President tell us what it takes to create a 15 billion dollar company from scratch.

John Fanning Founding CEO of NAPSTER

Check out this video-the ONLY interview granted by the founding CEO of NAPSTER!