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Week 18 - Walter, Mike and Kim get down to business now that Holiday  is over    Share with us your picks 

Walter Football-Week 16

Walter and Mike are getting prepared for the final count down coming up and Kimberly shares her photo holding the NFL Super Bowl Trophy from her visit with the Super Bowl Committee.  Talk about a Fantasy Football, that was a dream come true.

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Join us Live on Walterfootball.  Week 17 - Share your picks

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Walter, Mike and Kim set all fantasy dream teams aside for the biggest show down in Football history where in less than two weeks  the  49ers and  Chiefs will fight to the end to see who walks away with the Super Bowl Trophy... of course they are going to have to take it from Kim First.... dial in and share your picks and why. wk 20 LiveStream 4:30 pm est Wed.

NFL Talk show with weekly Fantasy Picks.  Walter is the analytic brains, while Kimberly still lives in fantasy land after winning 5 games in a row and Mike is making decisions for next years picks all live. JOIN US AND SHARE OUR PICK NFL Week 19 4:30 Wed. LIVE

Walter picks the line up for the million dollar draftkings game.  Kim is stll living in fantasy land since holding the Super Bowl Trophy and Mike  has a bone to Pick with how we pick our fantasy teams all fun here on