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Have a business and want to be interviewed - Nick and Kim Host live interviews daily for startups and businesses to get Global Exposure.

Kimberly and Nick have traveled all over interviewing world leading CEO's and venture capitalist.   Nick is  educated attorney  and Kimberly has raised over $134M in capital.  

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Busy and don't have time to watch live PODTV, you can still watch and with PODTV you can still participate.  Just scroll below for your favorite event or see our latest interviews. 

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YOU BE THE SHARK- Go live with Nick and Kimberly as they  interview the startups. You actually get a chance to participate an ask questions. It's easy just register and we will send you a dial in link.  "Just keep it Clean and Evergreen" and you won't get booted off by Nick."   


Check out this great video


Check out this great video

PODTV StartUpMasters With Steve Solomon

AI Auto Purchasing Technology - Investor Ready

PODTV StartUps

Steve Solomon


Investor Ready Steve is taking technology to the automobile purchasing industry turning it into the next Amazon

Alex Coulombe


Pirates of the Internet Beware you are ready to met the Jack Ketch

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3 "A List Corporate Celebrities" share a Secrect

OMG - No way ! Jason Frishman, Manny Fernandez and John Fanning sitting by the pool sharing a laugh and discussing a secret....


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Check out this great video

Why Startups Thrive in canada

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Interview with Alex Coulombe CEO Agile Lens

What is  AR/VR  and Learn how Alex is changing our imagination world with it.